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new trend of hairline

#what is SRKLINE ?



It is the name that Serkan Aydin gave to the hairline he designed for hairtransplant.

Apart from the usual lines, there are wavy and asymmetrical lines.

The lines may vary depending on the person's head structure and hair type.

The pioneer of this technique is Serkan Aydin.

​ ​

While determining the line, the most natural image is tried to be obtained by considering the forehead muscles.

​ ​

Channels are opened on the wavy and asymmetrically determined line by Serkan Aydin.  

Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and placed on the marked areas of  -SRKLINE-



PHOTO-2021-12-21-12-41-44 2.jpg

''Innovations to be experienced only come from those who know the old.''

Serkan Aydın

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