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Hair transplantation for women - the long-term solution

Women (as well as men) are very often affected by hereditary hair loss. However, the patterns of loss in women are more likely to be due to the "Ludwig course". The first signs show therefore in women mostly in the apex region, above the ears or at thinning on the forehead hairline. Women can also help themselves through a hair transplant! In doing so, a number of other factors are planned and carried out. In many cases, comparatively larger hair ends result in the most optimal aesthetic result. However, the results can be as convincing in women as in men.


In any case, women may also undergo hair transplantation. Prerequisite for this is the reliable diagnosis for the presence of androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss, AGA). If, however, you do not suffer from hair loss as a woman and want to "only" convert a too high forehead by lowering the hairline by means of a hair transplant, then of course that is also a question. Women can not only achieve more hair volume through a hair transplant, but they also have the advantage that the status of a full-bicep is generally not present and can therefore be achieved with considerably higher densities.

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